The LEGO Boost Expert book

Now available on amazon: The Lego Boost Expert Book

Lego Boost is a great set for kids, Teens and adults to experience the fun of programming and learn serious skills during play. This book is to show the full potential of the Boost-Set. Based on six further Models some special building blocks and programming technics are explained.

The description of each Model is structured into the chapters “Build”, “Code” and “Play”: 

1) Ball-Booster        Automated marble run using the color sensor and a catapult 

2) Bob-It-Booster     Party-Game with score counter to show all sensoric functions 

3) Weight-Booster    Automated beam balance based on the tilt sensor

4) Boost-Writer        Vehicle for writing, drawing and copying

5) Egg-Booster        Multi-Color drawings on chicken eggs – even beyond Easter break

6) Cube Booster      Device to solve the Rubix-Cube 

Following the simple concept of the original Boost-Set, the book avoids theoretical basics. In addition to detailed step-by-step building instructions, all programs are explained in detail and every programming block is specifically explained. The “Play”-chapters inspire to own experiments and further development of the code and models.

Especially with the writing and Cube-Solving models, the book can proof that there is not much of a gap between the Boost-Set and the more expensive Mindstorms-Set. Five of the six Sets can be built with just the pieces included in the original Boost-Set (17101). Only one model needs two extra bricks. These extra bricks are included in the Set “Arctic Explorer” (60194) or can be bought separately.

This 130-page book provides many hours of fun and learning experiences for kids, teens and adults. Starting from large builds and simple programs it ranges to extremely complex automatic solving of a Rubix Cube.

If you already own this book, you can find complementary information here.