Additional Information on The LEGO Boost Expert Book

This page complements “The Lego-Boost Expert book“. The book is available on Amazon and provides building and programming instructions for six additional models for the Boost-Set.

Errata: Updated Building instructions for the Ball-Booster

In the first version of the book sold till about mid October 2019, there were a few more parts (black pins, an axle and a plate) used than available in the original Lego Boost set (17101). For the current version, the Building Instruction was slightly adapted, so that no additional parts are needed anymore. For any reader of the first version, I provide the 8 pages which have been changed here as a pdf. You might want to print them and add them to the book.

Errata: Updated Building instructions for the Cube Booster

In the version of the book sold till about mid August 2020, there was a third Technic liftarm 2L used, but the Lego Boost Set (171010) only contained 2 of them. The liftarm used on page 116 can be simply replaced with the yellow normal Technic beam 2L. Here a picture showing the correct subassembly from page 116.

Optimized movements for the Cube-Booster

The program version within “The Lego-Boost Expert book” need to retten the cube to its starten position before starting the next move. This might lead to several unnecessary movement. The document below provides a version of the program which can “remember” the cube positioning after each move and will therefore solve the cube in a shorter amount of time.

Cube-Booster – Optimized turning

Complete Dot-Matrix Alphabet for Egg-Booster and Boost-Writer

The book describes only a view letters of the alphabet for the egg-booster. Programming the remaining letters should not be difficult as soon as the general concept of Dot-Matrix printing is understood. Nevertheless, you can download Pictures of the coding of all capital letters here:


Boost-Writer Alphabet.pdf

Control of the Move-Hub by Raspberry Pi and Python

The Zip-Archives below offer some instructions as well as the source code to control the models “Egg-Booster” and “Boost-Writer” via a PC or Raspberry Pi using the programming language Python.

Egg-Booster – Python Package

Boost-Writer – Python Package

The cube booster can also be controlled the same way. Using a cube with suitable Colors and sufficiently homogeneous ambient lighting, a python program is able to fully solve the cube from scanning the colors to the correct solution. The programming is very complex and I do not provide the code as my attempts resulted in quite fragile and buggy programs. The algortithm I used was based on the Python library from Kociemba and I am looking forward to any feedback from readers who have managed to create a stable program version based on Python on a PC or Raspberry Pi.