Excavator based on 42043 Arcos

With 2793 pieces, the Mercedes Arocs is a large project requiring approximately 10h of building time. In our case it was a Christmas gift to my 5 and 7-year-old sons who assembled it within one full day (we ended at about 11pm that day).

After a visit to a Lego store a week later, I had the idea to re-create the 52053 Volvo Excavator out of the Arocs pieces as I thought they were very comparable. After trying to use the 52053 Volvo building instructions for inspiration I quickly realised that there were too many pieces used which were not available in the Arcos set. So, I started to create my own Excavator model.

The under carriage is very densely packed with gears and structural elements. While building, I came up with several ideas what the model should be able to do. The most important was to have motorized functions in the base as well as in the rotating upper part while only using the one motor that comes with the Arocs set. In comparison to the original Volvo Excavator set 52053, my model has motorised outriggers, shield, turning and lifting of the cabin. The functions of the arm are pneumatically controlled.

The upper part is not as compact as the lower base. It also has a slightly eccentrical weight distribution due to motor and cabin being on the left. The battery is in the very back, acting as a counterweight for the arm.

All in all, I put more than 50 hours into development of the build and again the same amount for my first real building instructions which are available on rebrickable.com