42049 Mine Loader converted to motorcycle

As a kid I had access to plenty of normal Lego but had never played with Lego Technic. Now, with 41, my brother gave the 42049 Mine Loader to me as a birthday gift. Of course, our kids were even more excited about our first Technic model.

Later I used this model for my first try on creating something on my own. Although I am a mechanical engineer, I realized that it was qite tricky to put together the required connections. I first tried to create a small motorcycle. The challenge was of course to condense everything into the confined outline of the vehicle. As the wheels of the Mine Loader are not typical for a motorcycle I added a side car. Side Car motorcycles often have tires like the ones used on cars, so that seemed a good idea. The motorcycle as such is an ok built. The side car is rather poor but as mentioned it was my first try.

Building instructions for free on rebrickable.com